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I had the privilege to participate in the Spring InFluential Magazine shoot and it was a blast.  There is nothing more exhilarating than being behind the scenes of a fashion shoot!
This issue was centered around 3 AMAZING designers and their collections: Santana by Carlos Santana,  Roosevelt Couture by Roosevelt Cevallos, and Made in Heaven by Stephen MacMillan Moser.

Influential Shoot

Santana by Carlos Santana is his newest adventure into the world of hats. This hat collection is right on par with all of his fabulousness.

Made In Heaven Shoot

Made in Heaven is like nothing you’ve ever seen before (you may remember one of his fabulous dresses from the last episode of “In The Dressing Room“).  Stunningly unique designs that are clearly Stephen’s highlight, wherever you may find them.
RCRoosevelt Couture takes beautiful shoes and transforms them into something remarkable.  I’M IN LOVE.  For once, someone has an eye as good as Christian Louboutin.  If you need your next fab pair of shoes…look no further!
Check out the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot below! Look for me around 1:17!!

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