Michelle Zuzek
Michelle is a lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur with a passion for fashion. She loves to discuss what is trending and how to incorporate “current” items into your everyday wardrobe. She covers everything from fashion and shopping, to autos and travel. Those that know her, claim that she is always on the go (from parties and events to pilates and photoshoots). When she isn’t out and about, she loves spending quality time with her husband and adorable dog, Duke. Michelle is big on supporting, uplifting, and empowering women. She always strives to be a beacon of style and light to all of her followers!

Alexandra Garcia
Creative Director + Collaboration Coordinator
Alexandra is a fellow fashion lover and entrepreneur. She is the founder of KliqueShare (a mobile hybrid of Rent the Runway & Poshmark). One of Alex’s many talents is her eye for design and photography. Being a California native, you will always find her close to the beach. Some of her favorite actives are yoga, hiking, and cooking. Alex loves working on the creative side of Style Beacon and enjoys working with brands for partnerships!


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