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Just $10 for a new blouse? Score!

Wait. Stop. Think. Consider. There is probably a reason why that price is so low. Is it Fair Trade? Was it made in a Sweatshop? Is it Eco-friendly? I know we can’t be 100% perfect in this mission, but, we can be more mindful about what we purchase.  

In my quest for ethical awareness, I recently discovered Raven + Lily. Initially, the brand attracted me with its fabulous style and high quality merchandise. Then, I read their Mission Statement, which made the company THAT much more special to me. Raven + Lily employs 1,500 marginalized women at Fair Trade wages to give them access to safe jobs, sustainable incomes, health care, education, and a chance to break the cycle of poverty for their families. I firmly believe ‘happy workers = amazing pieces.’ This blouse, for example, is the perfect closet staple. Was it $10? Nope. And I feel darn good about wearing it compared to the alternative. It’s a Win-Win.  

Next time you make a purchase….Be Sentient. Is that blouse one that you’ll truly feel good about wearing? We can all make more of an effort in the right direction.  If companies with ethical practices thrive, then we are making positive changes in the world, one blouse at a time.

Raven + Lily – Blouse || Poncho || Jeans || Bag || Necklace

Boots: Frye || Watch: Daniel Wellington || Nails: Lacquer || Hair & Makeup: Austin Hair & Makeup

raven-and-lily-ethical-clothingblack-knit-poncho-eco-friendlyraven-and-lily-black-and-gold-necklaceaustin-fashion-bogger-ethical-clothinglacquer-austin-plaid-nailsaustin-hair-and-makeup-style-beaconblack-leather-tote-frye-renee-bootsiphone-black-and-white-photopencil-jeans-black-knit-poncho-silk-white-blouseblack-and-white-plaid-nailsfashion-blogger-on-red-brick-roadPhotography by Brandon Hill

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