2 Apr

Every year, Austin Fashion Week hosts a Mash Up team image competition. Photographers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists, designers, and stylists join forces each year to create inspiring images. Working with so many people to create a single final image is an accomplishment in itself, but teams also compete to win the People’s Choice and Critic’s Choice awards.

This year, our team had a lot of fun working with UV light, paint, makeup, hair, & fabrics.  We would really appreciate your support in the competition!  Check out our image below & vote for our team for the “People’s Choice” award by clicking here and choosing YES. 

Photographer: Steve Wampler of Steve Wampler Photography
Hair Stylist: Rachael Dunn of Rachael Dunn Hair Design
Makeup Artist: Mandy Ray Hernandez of Mandy Hernandez Makeup : Hair
Model: Anna Cash Model Mayhem
Apparel Designer: Jessica Faith Marshall of Jessica Faith Marshall
Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Zuzek of Style Beacon

Mash up pic




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